Cash flow and transatlantic discussions

I am told that there was a free and fair exchange of views at the most recent conclave of the Sevco High Command.

I’m told that it was the first time that Mr Alistair Johnson had taken part.

My information is that he was dialling in from across the Pond.

One of his new boardroom colleagues asked him to pass a message onto their esteemed chairman south of the Limpopo.

It was an enquiry apropos the new additions to the playing squad.

The specific question that was to be passed onto Mr King was this:

“How are we going to pay for all this?”

I believe that it was this request that led to the tetchy exchange.

For the avoidance of doubt, no one lost their dignity and the discussion remained Churchillian and Quintessentially British.

Although the transfer fees being reported undoubtedly have high-Level origins, the wages being paid to the new arrivals are real enough.

Even if the player ostensibly for free there are payments to be made to agents and to the player himself.

Quite simply acquiring these Galacticos for Pedro has cost money.

At the time of writing, my information is that the global bill for signing on fees and payments to agents is somewhere between £2.5m-£3m.

An impeccable source suggested to me tonight that some of the directors of the Holding Company Vehicle might have trouble sleeping at the moment.

He made the distinction between those who were writing the cheques and those who were making grand plans.

The former are UK based and should anything unfortunate happen to Sevco then it is their assets and business reputations that are at risk.

Meanwhile, the midsummer magic lantern show continues to have The People spellbound.

They believe that Mr King has finally stumped up and backed the manager.

Moreover, they hold onto the notion that their beloved Sevco can financially compete with their larger city neighbours.

Oh dear…

An unfortunate truth is that in the coming campaign Celtic will have sold more season tickets than there are seats in Ibrox.

On all other levels, the financial comparison is cruel.

I realise that this is a very exciting time for The People.

They are buoyed up with hope for the coming season.

However, that is because their team hasn’t played any football matches yet.

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