Theresa unleashes Mayhem

The good folk of England are about to find out what it really means to be “Bratash”.

Theresa May thought she was channelling Thatcher when she decided to “crush” her opponents.

However, it didn’t’ work out like that.

She lost the majority that she had and is now proposing to lead a minority administration assisted by the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

It was meant to be a walk over for May, as easy as naughtily running through a wheat field.

She deliberately made the election presidential.

It was either May or Corbyn.

The election was meant to be about two people, not policy.

That was the choice that she presented to the British people.

Theresa May did so because she believed that the alternative to herself was utterly unacceptable to the average Brit.

Jeremy Corbyn, was viciously portrayed as by the Murdoch media as a cross between Michael Foot and Mr Bean.

They hoped that this caricature would make him toxic to vast swathes of potential Labour voters.

However, when people, real people, met Corbyn they saw a seriously decent man who was in politics for the best of reasons.

One of the main smears thrown at him was that he had previously met with senior members of the IRA.

I would have thought that was excellent training to be British Prime Minister as residents of Number Ten have been engaged in sit downs with the Army for generations!

This island is at peace precisely because during the conflict there were back channel communications between the various sides.

Even Mrs Thatcher had her emissaries seek out the views of the Army Council.

Now the current incumbent of 10 Downing Street is in bed with the DUP/UDA.

During the election the UDA openly endorsed a DUP candidate, Emma Little Pengelly.

Incidentally, the father of that MP was imprisoned for attempting to import arms for Loyalists during the conflict.

However, this isn’t about the past, but rather what is happening now.

Only last month the UDA is believed to be behind the murder of Colin Horner.

He was shot dead in a supermarket car park in Bangor in front of this three year old son.

This is  understood to be part of an ongoing UDA feud.

For God and Ulster you understand…

I’m afraid that the decent people of Middle England are about to meet the Bosnian Serbs of the United Kingdom.

These creationist, climate change denying, homophobic racist bigots are currently the biggest party in Norn Iron.

Moreover, they happily accept the public endorsement of fascist drug barons.

It is that “welcome to my world” moment for the nationalist folk of the Six Counties.

I suspect that at some point in the next few months some Etonian chap in government is going to empathise with the daily burden of Sinn Féin representatives.

“I say, you actually had to sit in government with THESE people? Oh how beastly!”

I just hope that Sir Humphrey doesn’t have to attend an immersion course in Ulsturr Scatch.

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