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Spare a thought for the chaps in the Sevco High Command.

As they desperately want to hear from their leader.

I understand that they tried valiantly last night and today to elicit a response from the South African based entrepreneur.

Indeed one specific chap within that elite group was put under pressure by his colleagues to facilitate a response from Mr King.

Apparently, some of the recent content here was discussed within that Quintessentially British conclave.

If I was a Fenian fly on the wall then I might have heard something like:

“That blogger is onto us”.

Yes, something like that.

You may recall dear reader that back in 2014 the previous regime characterised this site as an

“Irish-based internet blog”.

At that time the statement was put out to soothe The People that there was no cash crisis.

I was writing at the time that the Engine Room Subsidiary under Super Salary had burned through all of the cash reserves brought in by the share issue.

Of course, it was a slam dunk that The People would believe their beloved Holding Company Vehicle over some Fenian in Donegal.

However, three weeks later Sevco had to arrange an emergency loan from directors (The Easdales and Laxey Partners).

You see dear reader they needed the £1.5m loan because they had burned through all of their cash reserves.

Just Like I had reported here.


You can read the full statement here.

The lovely thing about that dignified edict was is that it was very quickly rubbished by events.

So what does the future hold for the Holding Company Vehicle?

As I see it, the problem for the Sevco High Command in situ is that they cannot put together a coherent business plan.

The reason for that is the presence on the board of Mr David Cunningham King.

Ironically, the rough plan put together in March 2015 was based on the putative millions of His Glibness.

Even as recently as yesterday the Sevco High Command were in discussions with a sponsor.

However, at the 11th hour, I’m told that the other party to the deal decided To Do Walking away.

I think it is fair to say that the current profile of the Ibrox brand isn’t the best.

The Serious Professional is doing his best, but it is a hard sell.

Now, I believe that to be a fair assessment even if it is written in Ireland.

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