Twelve months on and the long-term costs of unsurpassed dignity at Hampden

This time last year the Sevco High Command were in jubilant mood.

The Engine Room Subsidiary had edged past a lacklustre Celtic after a penalty shootout.

Unfortunately one or two of the Blue Room chaps rather overdid the Unsurpassed Dignity.

The spat between Sevco and General Ashley is well documented.

However, until that day Dermot Desmond had no real skin in the game.

Of course, Celtic supporters would wish it had been otherwise.

The stark reality is that he was willing to leave the running of the football club to his well-paid chief executive.

I think it is fair to say that he was a little too hands off.

This ended up with an emotionally crushed Ronny Deila at the end of a heated driveway.

The Sevco High Command dared to dream that they could see days ahead when they would deliver sporting success for The People.

The thing is they should have done so quietly.

Getting in the face of ANOTHER self-made billionaire probably wasn’t such a good idea.

Now twelve months on all is changed, changed utterly wherever the Hoops are worn.

Brendan Rodgers is in full control of all footballing matters at Celtic.

The chief executive is now concentrating on what he is good at.

The sponsorship deals that Celtic now enjoy are really excellent bits of business.

When Mr David Cunningham King found out what the Parkhead club are getting from Dafabet and New Balance his screams could he heard from South Africa.

He contacted 32Red and Puma to demand better terms.

My understanding is that they told him where to lodge his favourable settlement.

Meanwhile, General Ashley is preparing his legal divisions to deliver a £5m offensive as soon as court time allows.

Mr Desmond is a proud man, and he will not have forgotten the…ahem…celebrations last April at Hampden.

Twelve months on it was important, as we say in Ireland, to put manners on the Sevco High Command.

I’m sure Dermot is smiling today.

This might be strictly business, but it can be personal as well.

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