Big Mike prepares the transparency bomb

One year ago General Ashley was in court against the Scottish Football Association.

He dropped the case, but claimed a moral victory.

At the time the local media took the side of the world class administrators at Hampden.

However, Big Mike was delighted with that foray into court.

That is because he received internal documentation from the SFA on the ‘Fit and Proper’ investigations into David Cunningham King.

One report was into King’s appropriateness to be chairman of The Rangers Football Club (formerly) Sevco Scotland Limited).

The other document explored his suitability to be chairman of Rangers International Football Club (RIFC).

The first one was a non-starter, but there was wriggle room on the parent company.

My Shirebrook guy today told me that General Ashley will soon call for these TWO reports be made public.

I think the chaps at Hampden should respond positively to this request when it is made.

In the interests of transparency, of course.

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