Seagulls, trawlers and roof connectors.

I am told that the fine public servants of Glasgow City Council have been very keen recently to elicit some vital technical information from the Holding Company vehicle.

Apparently, the first attempt was last Thursday, and there was a follow up on Friday too as a reply had not been forthcoming yet.

Something to do with the roofs I believe.

For the avoidance of doubt, I stand behind the piece that was published here last December.

That story hasn’t gone away you know.

On the footballing front, one must send a hat tip to Poor Pedro for his innovative approach to the second half against Motherwell.

No doubt the stenographers will hail his bold changes as further evidence that the Portuguese chap is the greatest coach ever.

Much much better than that no-hoper Warburton.

However, one of the Sevco players related the details of Pedro’s half time team talk to one of the Sevco High Command after the match.

The lad said he had no idea what was expected of him in the second half.

Indeed, Pedro’s forensic battle plan had the player thinking about Eric Cantona’s famous press conference.

However, in a results driven business a draw was salvaged.

That said I would point out the speed with which The Admirable Warburton travelled the distance between the wearer of a magic hat to a thin skinned failure.

On that front, the Sevco High Command are bracing for legal impact this week.

Apparently, the character analysis proffered by Mr David Cunningham King on the putative touchiness of the ex-City Trader has ruled out any possibility of a payment plan.

The Ibrox Three want all of their money.


Have a great week and mind the gap.

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