A toxic take over

Word reaches me from within the Sevco High Command that Mr David Cunningham King has struck out in the Square Mile.

I followed this up with a call to Rugger Guy, and his City mates confirmed that the South African-based entrepreneur had been on the finance trail.

He had no success in acquiring the finance for the Take Over Panel imposed share offer.

Moreover, he also had no luck in getting a financial advisor to take him on.

Rugger Guy said that his information was that Mr King has gone through all layers of such organisations.

If I can make a helpful suggestion perhaps those nice chaps at Campbell Dallas might help.

You never know Dave might have already tried that.

Of course, that’s mere speculation on my part.

My information is that the toxicity of the Take Over Panel ruling has even reached South Africa and is now impacting on Dave’s boardroom position there.

Apparently, one of Mr King’s companies does business with Lloyds bank in the UK.

This “Could Shouldering” thing could all prove to be very unfortunate.

There are times when I think that perhaps this entire Off Licence Putsch thing wasn’t fully thought through…

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