The time of year when both the evenings and credulity are stretched

I am told that the Sevco high Command is bracing for impact on, yet another, legal front.

They’re expecting legal missives from the Ibrox Three.

Apparently, the “thin-skinned” observation by Mr King about the Admirable Warburton didn’t improve things.

Of course, with the clocks adjusted Season Ticket Renewal Time.

Consequently, all sorts of hope flavoured shite will be served up to The People.

There has been a high-Level order issued to the stenographers that the Engine Room Subsidiary will be “investing in youth”.

This is what The People will want to hear despite the fact that they’re reportedly about to lose their promising young player Billy Gilmour to Chelsea.

Since the days of the Suave Billionaire, they’ve been fake news addicts and the stenographers have been their dealers.

Quite simply the loss-making business without a credit line from a bank needs another leap of faith from their customer base.

The essential narrative will be along the lines of:

Pedro can unearth gems at little or no cost.

The gap is rapidly closing.

We’re going for 55!

Of course, the reality is much bleaker.

However, the one thing that the Sevco High Command cannot afford at this juncture is for the People to suddenly stop being credulous.

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