The glib and shameless spell wears off in the Blue Room

Mr David Cunningham King had pinned his hopes on a particular member of the Sevco High Command for this pesky share offer business.

It is my sad duty to announce that the RIFC director in question has had to turn down that generous offer.

Which means that Mr King probably has three options:

  • Ignore the Take Over Panel and watch the chaos unfold from a safe distance.
  • Find an alternative source of monies to finance the share offer.
  • Sell his shareholding and Do Waking Away.

On the final point, I think it would be nice if those fine folk in Club 1872 were to make Mr King a nice offer for his equity.

Yes, that would be nice of them.

Overall, this has been a difficult time for the Sevco High Command.

I understand that a magnificently maned factotum was at the rugby on Friday night lamenting about his reduced status within the Blue Room.

This immaculately coifed functionary was stating to anyone who would listen that he had no hand act or part in the unaudited interim accounts.

He was also uttering the word “investment” as a mantra to the assembled throng as they queued for their prawn sandwiches.

Failure to invest, he said, would lead to “stagnation”.

My guy who was in the room said that the heroically hirsute harbinger of all things Ibrox suddenly looked old.

He hadn’t seen him for a while, and he said to me that the Sevco director looked “a tired and beaten man.”

Moreover, the Blue Room chap also made it plain to passers-by in the corporate end of the Scotstoun Stadium that he was now “outside looking in” apropos the Sevco High Command.

It was all very sad.

There was a time when he was Dave’s guy.

My information is that the South African-based convicted criminal was in a state of alternative jubilation as he left Fair Caledonia last week.

I think it was a new experience for him to be faced down by his colleagues in the Blue Room.

One chap at the main conclave on Friday stated that:

“Only an idiot would make that kind of stand against someone with iron clad contracts. Especially someone like Ashley”.

Now I’m paraphrasing the above quote, but something very close to that was minuted.

For the avoidance of doubt, the chap who made the foolhardy stand against General Ashley was the chairman of RIFC.

The glib and shameless spell appears to have been broken.

This feels like end game for Mr King at Sevco.

However, he could produce a piece of glib and shameless brilliance with a shady flourish.

Of course, he would do so in the knowledge that his manoeuvrings would be free from any journalistic scrutiny whatsoever.

I suppose it is a testament to the efficacy of the high-Level over investment that he makes every month to a galaxy far far away.

Whatever it takes and all that…

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