BDO move unsettles Sevco High Command

I’m told that there was in impromptu conclave of the Sevco High Command today.Apparently, the decision by BDO to take action against Administrators Duff & Phelps had caught the Blue Room chaps by surprise.

The mood of the conversation was reported to me as “perturbed” and “puzzled”.

There was only one week to go within the five years anniversary, and I understand that this is significant.

I then spoke to an insolvency practitioner in the UK.

His view was that this could get “messy and costly” in court if an Administrator were called upon to justify every single decision of the administration.

Perhaps Daniel Cousin will be called as a witness.

It is at times like this I miss my friend and expert witness Paul McConville.

He would have been all over this.

However, dear reader, I’m afraid that this is beyond the pay grade of your humble correspondent.

What I CAN report is that the news of this litigation has unsettled the Sevco High Command.

Developing story…

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