The Red Bull run of Leipzig

Despite the excitement of the …ahem…glamour friendly in Leipzig, there are other matters on the minds of the Sevco High Command at the moment.

I was informed yesterday by an impeccable source that there is now a peace faction on the board.

They are frantically trying to reach out to General Ashley.

My understanding is that one day earlier this week no less than five calls were made in an attempt to contact Big Mike’s people.

I think it is fair to conclude that the peace faction in the Blue Room is not looking forward to the court case in March.

That is when the Sports Direct legal battalions will go over the top.

Personally, I think it entirely sensible that these Blue Room chaps are manifesting the Dunkirk Spirit on this one.

Of course, everyone in the Sevco High Command would love it if the Red Bull chaps came on board.

No doubt they will be stating their case very strongly this weekend in Germany.

The Sevco High Command could certainly use such a game changing smile from Frau Luck.

In fact, the last time that representatives of The People sought this much help in Germany it ended up with the Larne gun-running.

It is fair to say that the chaps within the peace faction are not loyal to their King…

Even General Ashley eased up on the Sevco High Command it wouldn’t solve their overall cash crisis.

Therefore, more outside investment would be a real boon.

It is worth pointing out that the Red Bull folk are not negligent when it comes to the Due Diligence stuff.

If they’re interested at present, and there isn’t any evidence that they are, then it is because they are not in full possession of all the relevant facts.

This is also the case with the putative Kennedy/ Souness consortium.

It is entirely possible that the picture painted for them by an immaculately coiffed plenipotentiary was light on detail.

Put simply, if any potential investor knew the scale of the problems at Sevco, then they would disappear over the horizon quicker that Monsieur Barton on a Red Bull.

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