Just another day in Sevco

There was a meeting of the Sevco High Command yesterday.

The Admirable Warburton made a perfectly reasonable request for transfer funds.

However, an immaculately coifed factotum questioned the efficacy of any such spend.

The conversation was then steered to the subject of the Engine Room Subsidiary’s world class scout.

Apparently, there are certain Key Performance Indicators for this chap.

It was the view of a magnificently maned denizen of the Blue Room that they are not being met.

I’m afraid that there is now a high-Level stenography warning in place apropos the vast equity within the Sevco squad.

Expect several Ibrox players to be bigged up by the usual Off The Radar suspects.

With precious little in the way of revenue coming into Sevco over the winter break, a sale of a player would be very handy.

They are in the market for loan players where the other club pays all of the costs.

Whatever it takes and all that.

What is interesting about the conclave yesterday is that I understand that Mr Stewart Robertson was not in attendance.

However, I’m sure he is very happy at the Holding Company Vehicle and isn’t for one second considering his position.

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