Scouting for headlines

I understand that at a recent conclave of the Sevco High Command the recruitment policy of the Holding Company Vehicle was scrutinised.

I’m glad to relate that the head of the vast scouting department had an answer to every probing question put to them.

It would appear that the debacle of the summer signing policy can be laid firmly at the door of the Sevco High Command themselves.

The initial plan seemed reasonable enough:

Source young players in the lower leagues of England who could be developed at the place that used to be called Murray Park.

Ideally, these players would be available without the unnecessary expense of a transfer fee.

Then the expert tutelage from the Admirable Warburton combined with a World Class Breakfast could produce value.

The Accrington Stanley duo of Matt Crooks and Josh Windass, both 22, both fitted the bill perfectly.

Young, free and decent enough players for the Engine Room Subsidiary.

Clearly not at a level for, say, Aberdeen or Celtic, but good enough for Sevco.

However, there were some in the Sevco High Command that thought that plucking players from a club in League 2 was rather unbecoming for a four-year-old institution.

Consequent, the vast Sevco scouting infrastructure was told to source players from clubs in English Premier League.

This explains the why the Engine Room Subsidiary decided to SWOOP for Joe Dodoo and  Jordan Rossiter these wunderkinds were with Leicester City and Liverpool respectively.

Now the optics of this were excellent.

A promising youngster signed from the surprise EPL winners and the young midfielder who had been nurtured at Anfield.

However, the reality is that Sevco would have been better off to stick to scouring the lower leagues for available and affordable talent.

Instead, they went for headlines about Rangers (sic) grabbing the next Steven Gerrard from under the noses of the Anfield chaps.


Sad to relate, The People fell for it.

They tend to be rather credulous on matters Ibrox.

I think it is fair to say that Mr Dodoo has not had a huge impact on the fortunes of the Engine Room Subsidiary.

Sadly the Rossiter lad has some ongoing medical issue; this is in the public domain.

I understand that his chronic condition needs careful monitoring with regular scans or some such.

Moreover, I’m told that these procedures are expensive.

However, I’m sure that young Rossiter is getting the necessary examinations timeously no matter the cost.

Dear reader,  this is what you get when the folks running the show are more concerned with gushing back pages and generating a feel-good vibe during the season ticket period than sourcing immediately useful players.

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