Football Blogging Awards Best International Football Blog winner 2016

Last night I was working on a non-blog related matter when my mobile phone started to levitate beside the laptop.

My Twitter notifications were suddenly Off The Radar.

It was because of this Tweet.


The good wishes on my Twitter account were impressive and humbling.

To all of ye míle buíochas.

Sadly, not everyone was delighted for me.


Some folk seemed to be taking the news particularly badly.


It came as no surprise to me that The People considered this award to be undignified.


What I found especially affirming is that I was the fan’s choice.

Therefore, I was voted into the finals and then I won the second round, again by popular vote.

This site is an unplanned success.

I never thought I would still be here six years after the ‘Dallas email’ story.

The site traffic is a testament to you the reader.

For the avoidance of doubt, the vast majority of unique users are returnees.

I have, inadvertently, created a Fitba Samizdat.

The digital revolution has fulfilled what futurologist Alvin Toffler predicted in  his book  The Third Wave (1980)

One of the effects of this new epoch would be, he posited, a  “demassified media.”

The mainstream is floundering as their PR generated pish is called out now with Off the Radar speed.

The spin doctors of old media can’t cope with the pace of change.

They are still manoeuvring their media infantry squares in the age of the attack helicopter.

It is Senderos versus Dembélé.

Therefore the Holding Company Vehicle aren’t really getting too many bangs for their buck despite the high Level of the invoices.

Toffler had an engaging concept in his  massively prescient work:

“the electronic cottage”.

That image grabbed me, and I have made that a reality.

These words blink to life in the shadow of Mount Errigal.


Dear reader, this technology connects us.

We do not need the big battalions of the old media to tell me what I can write and what you should read.

I’m glad that Planet Fitba was well represented at the awards last night, with the ‘John James’ site winning the best newcomer category.

I voted for the Clumpany in that section, so that relentlessly satirical pest has my commiserations.

I’m sure he’ll figure at the awards next year.

It is clear that the folk who regularly visit here value the content and want more of the same.

I can only continue with the support of the readers.

This site will remain free to view and will not be deluged under pop-up adverts and the like.

Indeed, I regularly rebuff offers from various commercial organisations to have ‘branded content’ and ‘native advertising’ on this site.

Apparently, they have clever ways of monitoring the traffic here.

Consequently, they are aware that I could deliver their message to my readers.

However, despite their inducements I always refuse.

It is only down to the financial help of the readers that I can meet the server costs etc.

The Football Blogging Awards, like the new media landscape it is part of, has grown exponentially over the years.

I’m delighted to have won this award and it wouldn’t have happened without  ye.

Míle buíochas.


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