Joey and the Argonauts

When the new entity was but a Fitba infant we were told that they “would make friends on the journey.”

Four years on that doesn’t seem to be going too well.

The recent onslaught by the stenographers on the leadership of the SFA might have a dignified provenance.

As was reported here recently the Holding Company Vehicle scored a massive own goal in the negotiations with Monsieur Joey.

The alleged leaking of his medical details to the stenographers put the Sevco High Command in a very weak position.

Indeed, so much so that Monsieur Barton’s learned representatives deployed words like “court,” “damages” and “ring fencing”  to the Blue Room chaps.

Ooer missus!

At that point, the leadership of the Sevco High Command had no option but to assume the favourable settlement position.

Consequently, I am told that Monsieur Joey doesn’t have a non-disclosure agreement in place.

My information is that he will probably keep schtum until he has a few of the agreed tranches of payments.

He may have left behind his Sevco top in Scotland, but left wearing a Golden Fleece.

What a classical hero he is!

What was clear from the negotiations was that the French-speaking playmaker was not without friends in the Sevco dressing room.

Joey’s learned representative had a substantial amount of hard information about training ground spats that had taken place since his client had been suspended.

Someone from within Auchenhowie was feeding the Barton side with valuable intel.

However, the alleged leaking of the medical details  was the clincher.

This was a high-Level foul up.

As reported here the SFA and FA were involved with the modalities of the deal.

Was this intervention considered to be a casus belli for the Sevco High Command?

Perhaps when it was added to the recent negotiations over the price of renting Hampden it was just that.

The full frontal tabloid assault on the chaps on the 6th floor of the national stadium indicates an authorisation at the highest Level.

Of course, the recent defeat of Scotland at Wembley provides useful cover for the outbreak of faux high dudgeon.

However, there could be another way of observing these events.

Perhaps it was considered within certain dignified conclaves that the Holding Company Vehicle did not have too many friends among the ‘blazers.’

How they must long for someone at Hampden who is “horribly conflicted” about what ails Sevco.

Add to that the SFA role as guarantor of Monsieur Barton’s pay off, and you can start to see things from the vantage point of the Ibrox bunker.

If they cannot make friends on this dignified Odyssey then it seems perfectly sensible to them to just push some chaps out of the way and replace them with like-minded brethren.

Developing journey.

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