The New York Yankees and Sevco

One of the more bizarre moments in the Sevco story was provided when Charles of Normandy was in charge.

You may recall that he once boasted of an imminent link up with the Dallas Cowboys.

Here it is breathlessly reported in the Radar in September 2012.

Of course, The People believed all of it.

It does seem like such a long time ago in the Sevco tale…

Now I learned today, from an impeccable source, that an inter-galactic PR guru was recently briefing some selected stenographers with another ripping yarn.

This time it was the New York Yankees who would commercially connect with the Holding Company vehicle.

Oh dear…

However, what transpired next DID shock me, dear reader.

The handpicked cabal of usually compliant stenographers actually asked this PR chap for some EVIDENCE!

I know, I know.I was shocked too.

Perhaps, the message is getting through to these intrepid lamb addicts that the days passing on feel good Ibrox fantasies just because they’re told to are coming to an end.

Ok, I’m probably naive on that score.

In the meantime, it would appear that I  have to continue providing a Samizdat for Planet Fitba.


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