One man bandwidth

First an apology.

The site has suffered several incidents of outage over the past couple of weeks.

It always happened just after I published a piece.

This was simply because of a huge volume of traffic.

Then the site was down for some maintenance yesterday and today to try and fix the problem.

The work in ongoing and I’m hugely indebted to my brilliant webmeister and two hosting companies.

I would like to name check them, but that would just open them up to a deluge of online abuse and dignified threats.

However, they know who they are and mile buíochas.

You will note from my piece today that Planet Fitba has a very distressed outfit stumbling from crisis to crisis.

There is a rather brutish rule in journalism:

‘If it bleeds it leads.’

Well, for the avoidance of doubt, Sevco is bleeding out at an alarming rate.

They need millions of pounds, and they need it rather quickly if you don’t mind.

There is now a fairly long queue of suppliers waiting to be paid.

I’m told that the only Wi-Fi that is extant at Ibrox is in Argyle House for the staff there.

Of course, if you were relying on the mainstream then you would think that all was financially rosy in the dignified garden.

It isn’t.

Not in the slightest.

The chaps in the Sevco High Command know that what appears here is well sourced and disquietingly accurate.

They just don’t know how I manage it.

Orwell and jaournalism

However, the content here is avidly read by the scores of thousands of ye who log on here almost at once.

So apologies for any future outage.

The folk in my tech crew are trying to find a solution that doesn’t give ME a cash flow crisis.

I feel that I’m one guy doing what several sports desks should be all over.

Instead, there is non-stop output of feel good churnalism and Off the Radar obedience.

It is almost as if they have a Big Brother watching over them.


The truth about Sevco is out there, and many of ye find it here.

The continued traffic into this site should be a badge of shame for the mainstream.

It would appear that they have resigned themselves to being irrelevant bystanders as another massive Ibrox story unfolds.


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