Contractual obligations

I understand that that the Holding Company has tried to reach a rapprochement with Monsieur Barton.

An offer was tabled by the Engine Room Subsidiary to pay up his wages up until January as part of mutual consent parting of the ways.

However, the enigmatic playmaker said “non!”

His representative stated that they offered Mr Barton a two-year contract.

Consequently, if they now wanted him to Do Walking Away, then they would have to pay him in full.

For the avoidance of doubt, that is just north of £2m.

I must say that the Francophone midfielder has played a peaky blinder on this!

Meanwhile, the snubbing of media folk has made more friends along the journey for the Holding Company Vehicle.

My information is that the absence of the Admirable Warburton came as something of a surprise to the broadcasting people on site at Inverness.

The news was broken to the TV station by an intergalactic PR guru.

The BT Sports chaps were seriously unimpressed, and I understand this was communicated to Mr Neil Doncaster.

The BT Sports chaps have a view that their Mr Chis Sutton is, like Joey, playing a blinder.

Mr Doncaster then decided to contact the Engine Room Subsidiary and pass on the view of the broadcasting folk.

My information is that he wanted to speak with Mr Stewart Robertson, but for some reason he was unavailable.

Instead, he relayed to an immaculately groomed Sevco chap that last season the ex-Celtic player was highly trenchant in his criticism of Ronny Delia and the Parkhead club.

Moreover, it was pointed out that throughout all of that the Norwegian fronted up and took the questions even after difficult results.

Apparently, the broadcasting people expect that football clubs should honour their contractual obligations.

Monsieur Barton would almost certainly agree with them.

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