The nuts and bolts of regime change at Sevco

There was meant to be a routine conclave at Ibrox yesterday.

However, there was only one chap in attendance.

He was there because he’s employed to attend.

It was not officially called off, but it just seems to have been cancelled through non-attendance.

As exclusively revealed on the John James site yesterday Brian Kennedy is now in play.


However, there are one or two details wrong with that scoop.

If Mr Kennedy is to take a controlling interest then he has several non-negotiable conditions:

The ENTIRE board must go and not just King.

All of them.

Moreover, Mr David Cunningham King would have to be unequivocally and publicly called out.

I understand that Mr Kennedy would insist that the dignified chaps who represent the various fans organisation would also have to be shown the door.

The days of dining on the tab in the Blue Room would come to an end.

I hope this does not mean that there will now be a loyal fatwa called on the Sale Sharks supremo…

A Brian Kennedy controlled Sevco would undoubtedly have a rapprochement with Mike Ashley.

Indeed I would not be surprised if back channels had already been opened between the two businessmen.

If this does come to pass and Kennedy takes over then I hope that he can find a role for Stewart Robertson.

He’s clearly a decent guy doing a tough job in almost impossible circumstances.

The revelation that the Holding Company Vehicle will run out of cash by the end of October does not concur with my sources.

The best estimates and they’re just that, estimates, are that the Engine Room Subsidiary will make Payroll without any difficulty this month, next month and November.

However, unless there is a major injection of external finance, then the cash would run out in the middle of December.

I am told that last week there was a very seriously worded communication from Glasgow City Council to the Holding Company Vehicle about matters apropos their stadium.

Apparently, the word “bolts” was at the centre of some pointed questions.

Now there is another important Sevco concave scheduled for Monday.

They have plenty to discuss.

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