Football Blogging Awards 2016

It is that time of year when I am forced to indulge in some glib and shameless electioneering.

If you enjoy the content and the craic here, then I would be very grateful if you would vote for me in the Football Blogging Awards.

I would appreciate your vote for the ‘Best Football Influencer’ and ‘Best International Football Blog.’

All of the categories are here.

If you click this link, it will show you how to vote.

If you’re on Twitter, then I would prefer if you vote via that method.

That is because that way I see the votes coming up on my timeline.

Míle buíochas.

For the avoidance of doubt, I’m voting for the Clumpany in the best new blog category.

Every blogger has his price, and I was convinced by the proffered inducement of a case of the finest Buckfast…

I was a finalist last year, and it was a great night in Manchester, a great football city.

Sadly some dignified entrants decided To Do Waking Away in 2015 because I was nominated.

Well at least that fine city wasn’t wrecked unlike in 2008…

Voting is open now and will close on 26th September 2016; the organisers will then draw up a shortlist for the final, and voting is reopened on 5 October 2016.


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