Of emails and Ewoks

In a universe far far away three important chaps sat down yesterday for a cup of intergalactic coffee.

Two of them look after the sporting side of an immortal operation while the other is high up in the engine room subsidiary.

The main guy in game division offered an interesting opinion when he said that they were all entirely expendable if things didn’t go to plan.

Ah well, such is the lot of functionaries in the Evil Empire.

Perhaps a Human Resources sacrifice will be necessary if the Rebel Alliance prevails in the upcoming battle.

Meanwhile back on Planet Fitba, I understand that Glasgow City Council emailed the four-year-old institution today asking them for information on the state of the stadium.

This was a follow-follow-up missive.

Apparently, the local authority folks have not yet received all that what they had previously asked for.

Of course, I’m sure everything is in order with this matter especially as Mr David Cunningham King has given his word that he will overinvest.

Yes, yes dear reader such repairs can be expensive and time-consuming.

However, the man is of great personal wealth and has a great love for the Holding Company Vehicle.

Consequently, he will no doubt step in and make sure that all is just so.

Whatever it takes…

I can only imagine how lucky The People must feel to have such a generous benefactor.

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