Accrington Stanley and whatever it takes

I understand that an important Sevco conclave was cancelled yesterday.

This was because the Chairman of the Holding Company Vehicle, Mr David Cunningham King, could not telephonically attend.

If he had been able to appear magically from somewhere south of the Limpopo then he would have had some difficult questions to answer.

My information is that several of the UK based directors would like to see some hard evidence of sufficient working capital to see out season 2016/2017.

In the midst of all this you have to sympathise with the good folk at Accrington Stanley.

It must be difficult to read gushing stenography about the mighty Sevco about to swoop for Niko Kranjcar when they’re owed compensation for Josh Windass and Matt Crooks.

Perhaps the signing of Clint Hill was further evidence that there was money available to pay them.

My understanding is that a compensation package was agreed last year and that the monies should have been paid by now.

They haven’t.

To put it into perspective the money owed to Accrington Stanley would amount to what Joseph Anthony Barton is paid every two weeks.

I am sure that the English club will be paid, but once more the optics of this is not good.

Dave Bailey (@DaveJBailey13) is the ‘current Academy Head of Recruitment & Talent ID at Accrington Stanley F.C. Former Bolton Wanderers Academy Coach, Scout & International Academy Manager.’

He wasn’t slow to let Twitter know what he thought about this situation.


It would be difficult not to sympathise with Stewart Robertson who is trying to do his best in the midst of this circus.

Like the Admirable Warburton, he is a decent sort who is in a difficult situation.

For the avoidance of doubt, my information is that as of yesterday morning the chaps in the Blue Room were still waiting to hear from the ex-City trader.

That important meeting that was cancelled is to be rescheduled for early next week.

I hope everyone can attend as they have important business.

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