Waiting for Magic Hat to reappear

I understand that, as of late yesterday, the Admirable Warburton was remaining incommunicado.

However,  there had been some contact between his agent and the Ibrox regime.

Perhaps the acquisition of Joseph Anthony Barton will make Magic Hat come back to the Big House.

I understand that is the hope of the chaps in the Blue Room.

Of course, should he not and Mr. Weir remains in situ then Davie will be hailed by the hacks as the real brains behind the successful league campaign.

For the avoidance of doubt, all of what is being played out on the media is essentially a season ticket sales drive.

That is also the case with the ‘Club 1872’ show.

It is The People who will keep this loss making show on the road.

Despite promises of over investment from Mr. David Cunningham King so far there is no sign of a war chest from South Africa.

If there is an intrepid stenographer out there who wants to try this journalism lark then here is a tip:

Go and get an interview with Mr. George Letham.

Ask him for his views on the overinvesting chairman.

A second question would be apropos his own financial commitments to the four-year-old club.

Now, it is a matter of public record that the Admirable Warburton is a studious type of chap.

He does his homework does the ex-City trader.

Perhaps even now he is Reading himself into a new position.

Time will tell, but the stenographers will keep schtum until they get the next press release.

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