Resolution 12 and the importance of perseverance

In the euphoria around the appointment of Brendan Rodgers at Celtic, it would be easy to forget about some outstanding issues.

Resolution 12.

It is important to remember that the Requisitioners in 2013 were asking for very little.

They simply wanted an inquiry into the circumstances whereby Rangers (1872-2012) retained their licence to play in UEFA competitions.

It has been a long road for these dogged requisitioners and more than a few false dawns.

I understand that a road block in the Resolution 12 journey was lifted over the last few days.

However, I cannot report this information its entirety to you, but I am happy with the integrity of the sources that are briefing me.

Their doggedness in pursuing this matter has been exemplary.

In time the Requisitioners may want to ponder why it has taken almost three years to get to this point, ach mar a deirtear sin é scéal eile.

As was stated at length in the report from the chaps at the Offshore Game it is the Scottish Football Association that has serious questions to answer on this matter.

Resolution 12 was never about kicking the corpse of a dead club.

It was always about how the national game is governed in Scotland.

Just as the fascist song sheet at Ibrox never brings any domestic sanction it is to Europe that the search for justice must go.

The  Resolution 12  chaps know this  and I’m confident that is now finally happening.

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