Gonna sit right down and write myself a letter

I was grateful to hear from My Shirebrook chap at lunchtime.

It was good timing as he was just out of a meeting, and I was emerging from an edit.

He said that the letter that Sports Direct had received from Sevco “…was not a legal instrument…”

Those are his words, not mine.

Therefore, he said, Ashley’s people believe that they can continue business as usual until legal action is taken against them regarding a cease and desist order.

Apparently Big Mike was mainly concerned with matters Benitez yesterday, but today this Sevco clusterfuck has his full attention.

Shirebrook chap said that the Sports Direct people were “supremely confident” apropos the contracts they have in place with Sevco.

If there is an award winning stenographer out there who wants to attempt journalism, then they might want to contract Puma and 32 Red and ask them for their opinions on this.

I think it is fair to say that the Sports Direct people are not of a mind to re-negotiate anything.

If the New Regime at Ibrox wants to disentangle from Ashley’s empire, then there is a price to pay, and they know what it is.

The notice period has been triggered, and that still has more than six years to run as I understand it.

As was stated yesterday Ashley’s people did not expect this move from the New Regime at Ibrox.

He probably doesn’t enjoy being baffled, but that’s probably a fair description of his reaction to this latest move by Mr. David Cunningham King and his dignified associates.

Mr. Shirebrook’s final bit of scéal for me was that Big Mike had ordered “a full inventory of what Rangers owe.”

He explained that this mainly meant the bill for the unsold stock as per their contract with Rangers Retail Limited.

No doubt this story will soon be available in print after an award-winning pause.

And now dear reader for the avoidance of doubt I have a publisher who expects product from me.

It is guaranteed to be all my own work.

Have a good weekend.

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