Flags and bonuses

The Admirable Warburton has stated to the chaps in the Blue Room that his requirements have increased.

He has stated that he now requires seven new additions.

The ex-City trader had previously told the New Regime that he needed five players.

So another two have been added to his list.

These are not ‘project players’, but first team starters.

I am told that the Admirable Warburton was assured of the full support from the board.

The New Regime are aware that if they win the Scottish Cup, they might be faced with a bonus issue.

This is particularly true for the remaining players on contracts from the Charles Green era.

I am told that no one at Shirebrook was inclined to be happy for Sevco in their semi-final triumph.

As of two days ago there was no turning back on the Judicial Review route.

There might have been some recent reaching out by the New Regime on this matter, but no one within the Ashley HQ was minded to pick up.

I understand that the Rangers Retail money will be due soon, and the chaps in the Blue Room should be prepared to pay up promptly.

There was a time when Big Mike was understanding about Sevco’s cash flow issues, but those days are long gone.

The reality is that the four-year-old club is locked into a bomb proof retail detail for the next six years.

Moreover, the main beneficiary of that deal is a real billionaire who is seriously alienated. He could have been a benefactor, but that flotilla has disappeared over the horizon.

Any intrepid stenographer out there who visits this site for their next award-winning story might want to look into the PUMA deal.

Just follow the money.

It was pointed out to me yesterday that near to trophy day at the Ibrox superstore it is normal for large pictures of the players to be juxtaposed with their national flag.

For the avoidance of doubt Rob Kiernan does not represent the Ivory Coast.

Just in case any of The People sees a foreign flag next to him in the window.

I understand that such a splash is currently being considered by folk in Shirebrook…

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