An unfortunate admission?

Oh dear.

Just when you thought this omnishambles couldn’t unravel anymore…

I am reliably informed that General Ashley was very happy in his command post yesterday after news of the Souness presser was brought to him.

Sources close to Shirebrook believe that the admission on camera by the former Rangers manager that he had received an EBT payment for “…doing work for Rangers…” has strengthened their hand immeasurably.

My Shirebrook chap said:

“This has implications across the board.”

I have to say I was puzzled, so he explained it to me from his perspective.

Apparently the reasoning on Planet Ashley goes as follows:

If the Souness admission is taken on board by the tribunal system, then it seems to be a slam dunk on the Big Tax Case.

If that is so, then two of the current directors of RIFC were on the board of old Rangers when this fiscal skulduggery was ongoing.

Therefore, so this reasoning goes, they were either complicit or negligent in their fiduciary duties.

Those two are, of course, Mr. David Cunningham King and Mr. Paul Murray.

Remember dear reader Mr. Ashley wants a court to look into the mechanisms whereby the Scottish Football Association decided that the South African-based entrepreneur was ‘fit and proper.’

I had previously revealed here that several players in the EBT saga had been contacted by Hector.

An excellently placed source today confirmed to me that Mr. Souness was one of them.

However, if this true, then I’m sure the ex-Rangers manager will be reasonable and easy to deal with.

If, as he states, this EBT payment of £30,000 was for scouting missions for the deceased club then I suspect that Hector will deploy Rudyard Kipling’s six honest men.

“I keep six honest serving-men

  (They taught me all I knew);

Their names are What and Why and When

  And How and Where and Who.

I send them over land and sea,

  I send them east and west;

But after they have worked for me,

  I give them all a rest.”

If Mr. Souness was indeed carrying out a reconnaissance mission for Field Marshall Advocaat, then there will be a paper trail.

For the avoidance of doubt, I personally believe Mr. Souness implicitly as he is a man of the highest integrity.

If he says the EBT payment of £30,000 was for “doing work for Rangers” then that’s good enough for me.

Given that fact then Hector will be satisfied to receive the details of scouting missions and receipts for expenses incurred and, obviously, the invoices submitted for his valuable services.

Of course, if Hector has been handed victory in the BTC as of yesterday then it has implications for other chaps like President Conflicted.

The timing, just before the Sports Direct Judicial Review in the Court of Session, is rather unfortunate.

Indeed, the mood music at Westminster apropos high-level tax avoidance has been irretrievably altered by the Panama Papers leak.

Events dear boy, events.

The questions remain, though:

Why was this question asked in that presser yesterday?

There just might be a developing story in that dear reader.

Of course, if Mr. Souness thinks I have got any of this wrong then he can always clear things up by calling a press conference.

I would be happy to attend as I have an extensive list of questions for him.

As ever the coverage here is guaranteed to be free from contaminated lamb and harmful PR additives.




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