Why Rangers had to be put down


Oh, dear Walter.

Oh dear…

In this interview Walter Smith manifested two interlocking ideas, both of them dangerously erroneous.

Firstly the continuation myth:

“There was no necessity for Rangers to be put down into the Third Division.”

Rangers weren’t put down into the Third Division.

However, they were put down by Hector, but in a humane way.

HMRC acted on the Ibrox club apropos their fiscal delinquency pour encourager les autres.

It was important that this was a public execution of the Ibrox club for the instruction of others.

Now, post-Panama Papers, the EBT recipients are being contacted.

I hope they can settle their affairs with Hector.

Secondly, in the interview Mr. Smith authorised the grievance narrative that is harboured by so any of The People:

“There will be a bitterness in the Rangers ranks. It will be a massive motivation for the club. It would certainly be for me.”

Of course, Rangers were not demoted, but extinguished.

They were indeed put down but in a way that a veterinary surgeon would understand the term.

This was a rabid club who infected the Scottish game with financial doping.

They brought the plague.

What Mr. Regan of the SFA and Mr. Doncaster, then of the SPL, wanted to achieve was to parachute the new club into the top flight.

The plan was that Sevco Scotland Limited, formed from a basket of assets by Charles Green, would trade as Rangers and the media would collude with the pretence of continuity.

However, it was a victory for sport that Sevco were forced to embark upon The Journey.

It is at times like this I remember Turnbull Hutton and miss him terribly.

I know he would have had some Kingdom of Fife truculent wisdom for the ex-Scotland manager.

Turnbull stood up for basic fairness on the steps of Hampden when he opposed the Plan ‘B’ to drop Sevco into the second tier after ‘No to NewCo’ had triumphed.

He called it “corrupt” and he would not be bullied.

The hacks didn’t know how to handle him.

As I sat  at the funeral service to honour him Mr Neil Doncaster shuffled in and sat beside me.

I just knew that Turnbull would have had something unprintable to say about that impromptu seating arrangement.

In the midst of the sadness, my recollection of his humour made me smile.

Like Jock Stein, we should make him immortal.

This week the stenographers are gushingly obediently about the ‘Old Firm’.

Any journalist that deviates from the continuity myth, like Jim Spence did, will find themselves under attack from the klan.

Sadly, it is the only currency that The People trade in.


Rangers died because they lied to HMRC about their tax affairs.

The Big Tax Case made them unsellable to anyone  but a Craig Whyte.

Once that happened and with Super Salary in the dugout, their chances of survival were Off The Radar.

In the last season of their existence, the Ibrox club was a loss making business without a credit line from a bank.

Now the new club is in exactly that position.

During the Charles Green regime, the expenses culture shocked people at Laxey Partners who wanted to steady the ship.

Mike Ashley was also aghast at the extent that snouts were in the trough.

The last time I looked into this aspect of this story, it was mentioned to me by an excellently placed source that Mr Smith himself had been asked to clarify why he had submitted expenses in the region of £33,000.

However, I’m sure it was all adequately explained and in a dignified manner.

This covered his time in the Blue Room (November 2012- August 2013) a period in his life which he now apparently regrets.

For the avoidance of doubt, just by being there he was fronting up Charles Green’s operation and, ipso facto, helping to sell it to The People.

He might look back on that now and think it was a mistake, but hey we all make them Walter.

However, I just hope he isn’t bitter about it.

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