Big Mike plans for the future

Yesterday afternoon there was a rather important meeting on Planet Ashley.

Several of Big Mike’s senior lieutenants were meeting with someone who has been, in the past, a major player in the Sevco hierarchy

I know the identity of this individual, but it would not be appropriate to divulge it at present.

The only logical conclusion to come to is that Ashley is still planning a future where his guys are in charge at Rangers International Football Club (RIFC).

Sources close to the action inform me that Big Mike’s preferred option is for the New Regime to simply run out of cash.

The chaps at the top of the Marble Staircase are currently attempting to raise finance in the Square Mile.

However, I would not be surprised if it ever came out that plenipotentiaries from court of King Ashley had been there just before them.

If anyone among the Stenographers wanted to commit journalism at Ibrox, then there are several lines they could be following.

They could seek out Mr Douglas Park and ask him about a recent industry event he is believed to have attended in the North East of England.

If our intrepid stenographer did so then the courageous copy and paste impresario could then remind the ex-RIFC director about a conversation he had there apropos Mr David Cunningham King.

The problem is that the other chap in the chat (another coach operator) does work for Newcastle United and the details of the confab were relayed faithfully to Big Mike.

If our heroic stenographer were to do that then s/he would have a real scoop on their hands.

In fact, there is the genuine possibility of genuine journalism occurring if any of the copy and pasting crew decided to seek out the views of the Three Bears.

One thing that Planet Ashley firmly believes is that the Ibrox expenses culture, that Philip Nash and then Derek Llambias tackled, is now back with a vengeance.

Moreover, they are dismissive that Mr Paul Murray is toiling in the Sevco vineyard pro bono.

I find their cynicism in this matter to be deeply upsetting dear reader.

Sources close to the Ashley camp inform me that they believe that the New Regime have around 10-12 weeks of operating funds left.

They have come to this conclusion, I am told, on the basis of some forensically precise guess work.

It is worth reminding that Big Mike’s guys had a place at the RIFC board room up until the start of March this year.

Therefore, they have an in-depth knowledge of the inner financial workings of the operation up until that date.

The traffic to this site (last month over one million page views) is indicative for the need for lamb free coverage of the Sevco saga.

Other projects impinge upon my time, but I realise that there is a need for genuine investigative reporting into this ongoing scandal.

My thanks to all of you who support the ongoing work of this site.

Míle buíochas.

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