One in one out at Sevco?

The loan signing of Gedion Zelalem from Arsenal has certainly encouraged The People.

He is clearly an exciting young talent and this is something of a coup for Mr Warburton.

However, the departure of Darren McGregor by mutual consent was somewhat unexpected for some.

This is rather surprising because he was Player of the Year at Sevco last season making 50 appearances for the fledgling club.

Well-placed sources inform me that these two events this week are likely to be connected.

I understand that, quite simply, the Holding Company Vehicle could not meet the expense of bringing in the kid from Arsenal AND keep McGregor on the payroll.

So it was a case of one in one out.

I find this doubly surprising given the officially stated fact the Mr Paul Murray and Mr John Gilligan are currently toiling in the Sevco vineyard working for free.

Moreover, I am informed that if an auditor goes through the books then they will show a loss of close to £11m for Rangers International Football Club (RIFC).

Sources close to the action state that there is very little chance of avoiding a Going Concern Warning for RIFC.

I understand during the past week the Ashley camp has communicated to the chaps at the top of the Marble Staircase that they consider this boycott of Sevco merchandise to be rather silly.

Word to the effect of “we will be paid one way or another” was the gist of the communication.

Moreover, the chaps in current charge of the Holding Company Vehicle were reminded by the Ashley camp that if they didn’t like the deal then they had an option available to them.

Seven years notice period and all that…

Some keen Sevco watchers had noticed that the ridiculous churnalising in the tabloids had dropped down a Level recently.

It was the opinion of some cynics that the highly qualified PR chaps were getting rather tetchy about unpaid invoices.

Of course, I couldn’t possibly comment.

However, it now appears to be back to previous Levels and all seems well there.

A well-placed source in the PR world told me yesterday that he calculated that there had been around £500,000 worth of that type of work carried out for the New Regime.

The time line for these services included when the current incumbents were jockeying for position and telling The People not to buy Season Tickets etc.

He suspected that a recent payment of £50k-£75k might have brought the anxiety Levels in some quarters down a notch or two.

Meanwhile, General Ashley is surveying the battlefield with the cautious eye of an experienced commander in corporate warfare.

If he does make a move, then it will be at a time of his choosing.

For the avoidance of the current club playing at Ibrox and calling itself ‘Rangers’ is a loss making business without a credit line from a bank.

I suppose it is just as well that Mr David Cunningham King is on hand to meet any shortfall.

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