Debating history

The scale of the SNP victory stretches superlatives to breaking point.

Just look at the numbers and there is little danger of indulging in hyperbole about the scale of the catastrophe that has happened to the Labour Party.

This is stunning.

An Extinction Level Event for the last unionist bloc in Alba.

I texted a buddy at the count in Glasgow.

“ This is epochal. That is good Marxist word that Ed’s father taught me”.

I still process information like a Marxist, so it influences my use of language.

This is no by-election shock. Yesterday was a settling day.

We are now in a different epoch and the United Kingdom has a Scottish question in a similar way to a century ago it had an Irish conundrum.

Alex Salmond is very fond of quoting Parnell.

Another journalist buddy stated to me a few hours ago that Eck is very well suited to “being a wrecking ball at Westminster”.

The major states in Europe that were around at the time of Parnell had been created by acquiring and absorbing hinterlands.

This might be the modal form of state development and I’m still with Michael Hechter on that one.

I read this fine work when I had the pleasure of meeting the late father to the recently resigned Labour leader.

When the hapless Ed bested his brother of the top job in the party his surname would conjure up in my head an academic debate on the nature of the state from my undergraduate days.

For me the name ‘Miliband ‘meant the ‘Miliband–Poulantzas debate’ and endless turgid seminars.

In many ways,  it was the Marxist equivalent of the Schleswig-Holstein Question, but I enjoyed the intellectual challenge of it all.

Perhaps young Ed should now consider the nature of the state which he wanted to lead.

Of course, as polities aggregate so they can disaggregate.

The European Union might inexorably morph into a United States of Europe or it could one day be filed away with the Hanseatic League.

The United Kingdom is a political construct that has dominated this archipelago for the last 300 years.

There is no law of physics that the British state must continue.

Similarly it is not a given that the UK will now slowly fall apart.

What is beyond doubt is that the creation of cultural Britishness could not have happened without the rapprochement between the ruling class in London and Edinburgh in the early 18th century.

This British General election has been a huge step forward for women, they now comprise around one-third of Westminster MPs.

In the UK leader debates it was clear that the trio of Natalie Bennett (Green Party), Nicola Sturgeon (SNP) and Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru were on the same page about a collaborative form of politics.

When it came to a head to Ed it was clear that Sturgeon had Miliband’s measure and then some.

He lost the debate and then tripped off the stage.

Two months ago a play of mine that charted a Glasgow Irish family through the events of the Independence referendum.

The two central characters are young women in their twenties.

All writing is metaphor and I created them to speak to a future for Scotland that was possible.

Anne Marie O’Donnell and her bestie Kirsty Montgomery are always there for each other.

Both of their families vote no, but for subtly different reasons.

The two women are ardent YES supporters.

They’re gutted the night of IndyRef as they slump onto the ground at George Square.

A few weeks later in the dramatic action they are both enthused.

In the Fitba lexicon, they both agree that it is just “…hauf time…”

They’re both from solid Labour-voting stock, but they’re clear that the Red Tories are their sworn enemies.

Last night life imitated art and hundreds of thousands of previously loyal Labour voters were waiting in the long grass for the purveyors of “the Vow”.

Political elites usually mess up when they fundamentally misunderstand the people they are governing.

That has happened to the Labour Party in Scotland and, I believe, it will happen to the Bullingdon boys in Westminster.

Last night was psephological separatism, a form of national self-determination.

If the Etonians in the London City State ignore this new Scottish dispensation then they should find a new berth of their Extinction Level Event submarines.

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