Certainty clause

I love days like this when a new vignette further reveals the true Machiavellian genius of Charles Green.

If you are sitting comfortably then I will begin.

There is a current member of the first team squad at The Rangers Football Club (previously Sevco Scotland limited) in the final third of a three year deal.

His identity is known to me, but I wish to spare him further embarrassment.

This chap thought that his contract had a fourth year as an option for both player and club.

Moreover, he thought that if he played in 50% of the matches in the final year then the fourth year would automatically kick in.

Given his penchant for profligacy this extension to his lucrative contract was badly needed.

By way of illustration this chap recently decided to hire a Lamborghini to drive to the residence of a young lady that he wanted to romantically impress.

This was despite the fact that he already owns a fine limousine that is beyond the means of the vast majority of the common folk. I think it is fair to say that, very much like the club he currently plays for; he spends more than he takes in.

What he certainly did not take in though was the one of the other clauses in his three year deal at Sevco.

Sources close to the action inform me that the option to extend the contract could only be met if the player took part in the Champions League with the club.

Yes, dear reader, the Champions League.

When Charles of Normandy inserted this clause into the deal it must have slipped his mind that the end of the third year Sevco could be no higher than the second tier of Scottish football.

Rather like The People this player is presently wishing that he had been better informed about what was going on at the top of the Marble Staircase.

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