The sound of silence

When they ‘took power’ the new regime stated to The People that there would be transparency.

I approve of this development.

A year ago the club was telling them to ignore the warnings published here regarding an imminent cash crisis at Sevco.

Three weeks later there it was only the Laxey/Easdale loan that prevented imminent insolvency.

Of course The People did not want to believe anything published here.

There was only one problem with that strategy and that is that they were dismissing stories that were true.

Of course the new regime has the local media onside.

Subsequently there will be no awkward questions from the stenographers about cash flow, NOMADS, Onerous Contracts or working capital.

Furthermore, the incumbents in the Blue Room are fortunate in that Big Mike will not push an alternative narrative.

He silently makes money and he continues to rake it in from Sevco whether or not The People buy from the mega store at Ibrox.

He does not need the adulation of the fans nor does he care for the simpering attention of a fawning press pack.

Mr Ashley just makes money.

The new regime now has had a proper look at the books and they have peered over the edge down into the black hole in the accounts.

They now know the truth.

Perhaps now some within the Blue Room will be reconsidering the wisdom of alienating Mr Ashely with their public pronouncements.

Sources tell me that the some within the new regime have sought his thoughts on the importance of being reasonable.

Big Mike’s reply was curt and final.

They know the price for him To Do Walking Away.

Of course, if a NOMAD cannot be found within the time remaining then Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) will be de-listed from the Alternative Investment Market (AIM).

I understand that some chaps within the Blue Room are ok with that and some are not.

In the final analysis this remains a loss making business without a credit line from a bank.

However, despite this the initial public utterances from the new regime were that RIFC/TRFC would have to spend MORE not less.

Currently there is the sound of silence emanating from the Holding Company Vehicle on Edmiston Drive.

Time will tell whether the lack of noise at the top of the Marble Staircase is a manifestation of dignity or utter shock.

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