Dangerous songs

The sound of sirens are often heard when The People congregate at the Big House.

However there might be other sounds there that the rest of us cannot hear.

Something at the top of the Marble Staircase seems to lure business types up there and once they arrive their reputation is dashed upon the rocks of financial reality.

Like moths to the flame they are lured there.

It is almost as if they can hear a seductive song that the rest of us are deaf to.

Craig Whyte could clearly discern the beguiling lyrics and thought that being at the top of the Marble Staircase would make him an ‘A’ list celebrity in Scotland.

He just knew that doors would be opened to him simply because he was the man in the Blue Room holding the Loving Cup.

In fairness the suave billionaire from Motherwell had a point.

When David Murray bought Rangers in 1988, with money borrowed from understanding bankers, the 37 year old found himself elevated in Scottish business circles.

Once he owned the Ibrox club he found that his credit limit with major financial organisations was off the radar.

Of course it is beyond dispute that the vast majority of the sports hacks in Scotland begged for Murray’s approval in the glory days of financial doping and tax evasion.

However, the last few years have been very tough on the stenographers as well as, of course, on The People.

Now the hacks and the klan see an end to this long nightmare of sporting mediocrity and financial calamity.

The Blue Room may soon be ‘owned’ by the brogue wearing classes once more.

Should this come to pass then, as far as The People are concerned, all will be well with the world again.

Of course if the hacks were fulfilling their function to wider society then they would be asking the Requisitioners some searching questions about their plans for Sevco.

So far there have been no serious interrogatives put to Mr King et al about any business plan going forward.

Nor has the South African entrepreneur been asked about what working capital will be provided by his consortium.

It would be excellent optics for the King camp if they were to parade their new NOMAD for RIFC.

Then the new Nominated Adviser could state to the world that they considered the convicted criminal to be a ‘fit and proper’ person for the board of a publicly listed company.

So far this has not happened and at time of writing the hacks have not asked any questions about this important matter.

Of course Mr King could avoid all of this hassle by remaining in the back ground.

However the siren sounds emanating from the top of the Marble Staircase seem too difficult to resist.

This stealth communication is off the radar to the rest of us.

On his odyssey to ascend the Marble Staircase Mr King and his dignified crew will have to battle it out with the Sports Direct Cyclops blocking their way.

The South African based criminal will be hoping that someone on the 6th Floor at Hampden gives him a helping hand.

In fact he could do with a Homer.

This could get epic.

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