Consequential learning

When any of The People wish to acquire gravitas they often try and invoke the legacy of Sir Winston Churchill.

They might then consider this quote from the British wartime leader:

“Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

The downfall of Rangers (1872) really should have been a cautionary tale for the fans, the Fitba administrators, but most of all for the media.

Instead it only took one presser for them to give entirely reflexive response from the Murray years.

It was like the good old days with a man speaking in grandiose terms about his aspirations for a team called Rangers.

These poorly costed ill thought out plans should have been dissected and ridiculed there and then.

However so many of the assembled  stenographers want to believe that Dave King will deliver their favoured sporting brand away from the clutches of Sports Direct.

Now the news that the Daily Radar has been banned from Ibrox and Murray Park only adds to the bizarre nature of this sitcom.

Of course, when it comes to succulent stenography that particular Blatt has previous for sycophancy apropos matters Ibrox.

They provided an obedient PR service to David Murray back in the day even when it was clear that he was steering Rangers (1872) towards eventual insolvency.

In 2013 the Record openly backed the requisitioners before the inaugural AGM of Rangers International Football Club (RIFC).

Now they are cheerleading for David Cunningham King.

If they were being journalists rather than merely simpering stenographers then they would be telling their readers a rather different tale.

The arithmetic of Rangers (2012) only works if you are a beneficiary of one of the famous Onerous Contracts.

In the case of Big Mike he has several of them.

The others are out there in the Sevco Triangle making millions-and I mean millions-for Charlie and the boys.

At the recent presser Mr King stated that he had won his case in South Africa.

This was breath-taking stuff.

Here is what he actually said:

“…but ultimately what you are left with if it comes down to fit and proper is what was the final outcome and the fact is that the final outcome, the unalterable outcome of the litigation in South Africa is that my version prevailed over the eleven years…”

This was a strange kind of victory unless it was Mr King’s cunning plan all along to plead guilty to 41 criminal charges of contravening South Africa’s income tax act.

It is worth noting that The People have reached a point of desperation where none of this matters.

In that they are on the same page as the stenographers.

Neither the hacks nor the fans care much of King’s criminal past because they see him as their collective deliverance from Big Mike and on field mediocrity.

That they are now being opposed by a real billionaire with wealth off the radar is a nice plot twist.

I do not believe that the SFA chaps who opened the door to Charlie and the boys in 2012 will stand in the way of Mr King.

The stenographers are hoping and praying that the world class administrators on the on the sixth floor at Hampden give Dave the nod.

Of course Big Mike has yet to make his play.

I suspect that if he detects any fissure in the forces arrayed against him then he will apply the brute force that only a real billionaire can deliver on the corporate battlefield.

At the moment The People are revolting, but should Big Mike prevail and he brings in a higher quality of player from the Newcastle United reserve side then perhaps, in time, he will become “Mister Ashley”.

However, if David Cunningham King ascends the Marble Staircase in triumph then he will not be in control in any real sense.

I fully understand why the folks at RIFC are concerned about the staging of the General Meeting (GM).

It is obvious that they do not want ‘GM’ to stand for ‘General Mayhem’.

Sadly that is the preferred currency of much of The People as was demonstrated by the behaviour before and after the abandoned match against Hearts last month at Ibrox.

This might be the reason behind the shift of venue in London.

It would appear that The People require more consequential learning and that 2012 was not a strong enough lesson for them.

David Cunningham King is peddling the same old hubris and it is clear that the Ibrox clientele have not kicked their Herrenvolk habit.

Meanwhile the rest of Planet Fitba looks on at this freak show populated by those who are apparently unable to learn and move on.

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