Free the Magpie Five!

As of this morning we know that Kenny McDowall is not picking these players, but he is just following orders.

They have to be in the Sevco team and that’s that.

However who is paying for them?

This morning sources informed me that RIFC/TRFC are paying the salaries of the five Newcastle lads.

Just like Big Mike’s ten mill these players came in two tranches.

First there were three and then the other two followed.

One of the latter pair was playing in an Under 21 match and he was told immediately after the game that he was going to Glasgow.

As a cousin of mine, who used to be in the US Marine Corps, might have said it was a FIGMO moment (Fuck It Got My Orders!) for the lad and there was no debate.

Now it has been unclear to me why these five lads are at Sevco.

However, I think we can take football development at Murray Park off the table.

Sources inform me that at least one of the NUFC lads expressed amazement at the lax nutritional regime at Sevco.

He was astounded to see a well-rounded first team player eating crisps at the training ground.

If they are not there to become better players for the EPL side then it is unclear what the utility function is for this quintet from Tyneside.

Do they improve the mighty Glasgow Sevco?


However they certainly DO increase the wage bill.

Is that the plan?

Could that be Big Mike’s plan?

Are we now in an episode of this hilarious sitcom whereby Ashley has his guys empty the bank account just before Mr Dave gets the keys to the Big House?

Remember dear reader that the only money that is there is the £10m loan secured against the iconic and world renowned Albion Carpark as well as Edmiston House and that citadel of sporting excellence Murray Park.

Of course if my information is wrong and NUFC are paying the wages of these five fine fellows then, of course, the club (or the company) can get in touch with me and I will print a retraction and issue an apology.

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