Slow lingering near death

Well this morning General Ashley made his move!

A few weeks ago in a UK title a journalist with Ibrox leanings spoke of David Cunningham King and his hibernating allies catching Big Mike in a “pincer movement”.

Actually what we were witnessing then was their Battle of the Bulge.

They threw all of their remaining resources into one last desperate attempt to prevent defeat.

Well today old blood n guts Ashley crossed the Rhine.

As with everything regarding Big Mike the devil is in the retail.

That is why he is interested in football clubs.

They are a retail outlet and an advertising hoarding for Sports Direct.

As ever with Mr Ashley one is reduced to Kremlin watching to deduce what is actually happening.

One veteran Sevco watcher in the finance business stated to me that it looked to him like Big Mike had come to an agreement with the offshore chaps.

He reminded me that all that Ashley requires is for RIFC/TRFC to breath, nothing more.

The stenographers are trying to offer some hope to The People about the possibility of Sevco being bankrolled into the Champions League.

Oh dear…

My Square Mile guy then predicted that Big Mike’s next move would be to renegotiate the deals between Rangers Retail and RIFC.

Now he reminded me that the existing contracts are already heavily weighted in Ashley’s favour.

However, my City chap predicted that Big Mike would now go for the jugular on the merchandising deals.

The upshot of this would be to make any buy out by a future consortium very expensive indeed.

All that Ashley and his offshore allies have to do is to prevent RIFC from flat lining.

If there is a murmur of a heart beat then they can continue to extract profit from the motionless creature at Ibrox.

With Mr Llambias and Mr Leach in situ Big Mike now has pretty much the entire picture of what has transpired at Sevco since it was created in 2012.

What he did not know until recently is that there is, in effect, a sort of ‘rental income’ on Ibrox going to some offshore entity.

Sources inform me that every month £278,000 leaves the Big House for some undisclosed location in the Sevco Triangle.

That is £3.3m per annum dear reader.

I understand that last December a payment was missed and this led to some wetting of the gussets in the Blue Room.

Sources inform me that this ‘rental income’ has increased by around £500k per annum since it was put in place.

I am not clear as to whether or not this has been linked to the league that they have been playing in or it is just a simple year on year increase.

Of course if this information is incorrect then I will be happy to publish a retraction and offer my full apologies to the two year old club.

Sadly much bile has been thrown at David Somers the RIFC Chairman in recent months from The People.

This is desperately unfair and of the three men to occupy that positon he has taken the least expenses by some distance.

He is also, in my opinion, by far the most able to for role when compared to the previous two incumbents.

However he is not a ‘Real Rangers Man’ and this dear reader is apparently something of black mark against Mr Somers.

I do feel for the Easdale brothers in this fiasco.

Yes they did encourage Ashley to become further involved in Sevco, but their intentions in doing so were the best.

Of course that fact has been lost amid the noise level emitting from the mob that clutter Edmiston Drive.

Now The People have two choices:

They either Do Walking Away from the Big House never to return while the current regime is in place or they can simply surrender.

If it is the latter then they have to accept that their shambolic football club is now a subjugated part of Ashley’s Emporium Imperium.

Either works for me.

It really does…

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