Ambition off the radar

Football fans everywhere always like to see their club displaying ambition.


I understand that quite recently Rafa Benitez was approached by Newcastle United Football Club apropos the current vacancy in the dugout.

He was certainly very interested in sitting in the seat vacated by Alan Pardew.

However his interest rather rapidly diminished  when he was told  that the job target for the new NUFC manager would be to  finished no higher than 8th or 9th place in the Premiership!

The clear strategy was to avoid relegation and stay below the European spot.

If they reached too high then those pesky Euro bonuses would have to be paid.

This is clearly the bottom line trumping sporting ambition.

Of course the Toon Army knows this and that is why they want Big Mike away from St James’ Park.

This vignette might prove helpful to The People as I think they will be in for a period of readjustment.

It is difficult to see Mr Ashley being bested by the forces arrayed against him.

Indeed I understand that the Park consortium have opened a line of communications with Big Mike.

Moreover sources tell me that this has been initiated independent of Mr David Cunningham King.

Even a cursory glance at how Mr Ashley dealt with the USC administration process will convince anyone that this is a ruthless businessman.

I was aware that The People were all a flutter at the leaked reports that Big Mike would not be seeking security over Ibrox after all.

It was even suggested that this was a result of the dignified protest at Ibrox on Friday 16th January before the game against Hearts.

In the military there is a saying that ‘time spent in reconnaissance is never wasted’.

I rather suspect that General Ashley was scouting out the disposition of the enemy by sending a legal patrol into the Land Registry.

Perhaps he wanted to establish just who or what owns Ibrox stadium and Murray Park.

Back in the day when Rangers were still alive that club had no problems in borrowing money secured against the stadium that John Brown played for.

Now for some mysterious reason Sevco have been unable to use Ibrox as collateral in the same way that Rangers did.

At this point The People might think that the Three Bears will ride to the rescue.

After all there are three of them and they are all very wealthy.

Well recently this staunch trio informed RIFC that they would need 21 days to raise a loan to keep the good ship Sevco afloat.

With Big Mike it is end of business from the petty cash.

This is payroll week at Sevco so Mr Ashley is really the only show in town.

If Sevco could not afford the £15,000 to have the undersoil heating on for the required amount of time for the game against Hearts then that tells its own story.

There a great stories to be broken around this shambles and they are in the public interest.

Indeed the intrepid stenographers in Glasgow should be trying to ascertain whether or not RIFC/ Sevco are in fact tenants at Ibrox.

Last year, as reported here passim, Mr Graham Wallace was dispatched to the Square Mile to raise finance for the stricken company.  Now I have since learned that one finance house gave the RIFC Chief Executive a document to take back to Glasgow with him.

It required Ibrox to be signed over as security before discussions could begin on the precise amount to be borrowed against the stadium.

Mr Wallace never did return with the document signed and it ended there.

In actual fact if RIFC/TRFC do own Ibrox without any encumbrance then it should be fairly straight forward to borrow money against it.

However this simple transaction appears to be beyond the abilities of highly experienced executives like Graham Wallace, Philip Nash and Derek Llambias.

It is all very puzzling.

Then again Ibrox is a place of mystery these days.

Money goes into the Sevco triangle and disappears offshore somewhere.

More on that soon when I have it.

Meanwhile I can exclusively reveal that Mr Ashley does not want to hear the strains of Zadok the Priest over the public address system at Ibrox.

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