The admirable Alistair

Super Alistair and Sevco are now locked in a PR war.

As in any conflict truth is the first casualty.

Some in the blue blogosphere might still believe that there are no dark clouds over Ibrox.

However, the fog of war in undeniably playing a role now.

To this end the release of the accounts of The Rangers Football Club (formerly Sevco Scotland Limited) in Q1 next year should be very revealing.

It will give a fair and true view of the cost of the management team throughout the twelve month period from April 2014.

A number crunching buddy reminded me today that the inaugural accounts of TRFC last year was much more revealing than those of the Rangers International Football Club (RIFC).

Despite this extra layer of detail it was rather underreported because it was released during the furore over the Imran Ahmad case and the revelations contained within the 120 day review.

When TRFC yearend accounts are available in the new year then the true extent of the McCoist ‘pay cut’ will be easily discerned.

I have excellently placed sources inside that citadel of dignity and they maintain that they have very valid reasons to be steadfastly sceptical regarding this act of well publicised self-sacrifice by Mr Super.

Heretofore they have not been wrong apropos matters financial at Sevco.

As it stands it is undeniable that the admirable Alistair is currently being paid more than the combined salaries of President Obama, Chancellor Merkel and Prime Minister Cameron.

Of course he did not look at his contract when he signed it.

That is probably because ,I understand  from sources, he put it together and pushed it across the table into to Charlie’s big hands.

At that point Charles of Normandy needed Mr Super to counteract the effects of Mr Bomber.

The man who played for Ibrox stadium had deployed an eloquent rhetoric to galvanise The People against the arriviste from Yorkshire during those turbulent days in 2012.

For the avoidance of doubt Mr McCoist has a contract of employment and is due every penny of his remuneration for as long as he fulfills the requirements of said contract.

Moreover when he presented his handwritten resignation to the chairman of the football board he was also perfectly entitled to stipulate in that missive that he would work his notice.

If he is no longer loved by an element of The people because of that then so be it.

Now the McCoist situation has provided, if we’re talking PR here, a convenient fall guy if someone decides to push the ‘Administration’ button at the Bleak Big House.

This could get messy.

Undignified even.

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