All good crime thrillers must have a twist to change the direction of the story line.

Sources tell me that, as of early Tuesday morning, the King meeting was not scripted.

Of course it was a stroke of luck that the Sky people were outside of the Big House as Mr King arrived.

I will expect to know more later today about the sequencing of the meeting, who asked for it and when etc.

If short term deliverance is at hand then the anguished fans at Ibrox really should, in my opinion, recalibrate their attitude to the Easdale brothers.

I understand that the Greenock guys have been working all possible options to put together a rescue package for Sevco.

To do all of this while enduring almost unprecedented opprobrium from a section of the home crowd at Ibrox shows some character.

Of course the numbers for RIFC/TRFC remain eye watering.

The Blue Sea of Ibrox is actually an ocean of red ink on the accounts.

However, the fans will care little for those accounting details if someone is willing to be their benefactor.

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