Regarding Alistair

Oh dear this is all very unfortunate.

As was widely trailed across Twitter last night there was a meeting at Ibrox.

The main decision makers at RIFC/TRFC were there either in person or electronically.

There was only one item on the agenda and that was the iconic manager of the two year old club.

The man that the home crowd simply refer to as ‘Super’ was hauled in.

He was asked to explain why team his had failed to beat Hearts and he was also asked to account for his behaviour towards Darren McGregor immediately after the match.

On the first ‘charge’ Mr McCoist stated that it was the first game of the season, very early days and that players were “bedding in”.

This did not go down well at all, especially with one of the Easadle brothers.

The Greenock based businessman pointed out that the team had two highly experienced strikers up front .

Moreover,it was put to Mr McCoist  that Kris Boyd and Kenny Miller had hardly received a decent pass due to the (I’m paraphrasing) agricultural football on show.

However the greatest criticism of Mr Super was directed at him by Chairman David Somers for the incident with Darren McGregor.

Managers are, of course, allowed to rant at players for their perceived on- field failings.

However the normal post match rules of engagement are that this happens inside the dressing room.

However Mr McCoist sought to vent at the young substitute outside of that special place.

Moreover it was within earshot of the family of the late Sandy Jardine.

Sandy’s folk had been there to see a stand re-named in honour of the Rangers legend who had tragically passed away after a heroic battle against cancer.

Mr Somers characterised the conduct of McCoist’s al fresco rant against his player yesterday as:

“Totally unprofessional, appalling, totally unbecoming a highly remunerated manager of Rangers football club”.

It would appear that Mr Super seems to think that he is unsackable.

However, Mr Philip Nash would demur on that point and let him know that immediately after the Englishman had intervened to end McCoist’s rant against young McGregor.

Moreover Nash informed Mr Super at Ibrox that “…a lot of eyes will be opened…” when they realise just how well remunerated this club servant actually was, especially when Sevco were cobbling together crisis loans.

Once McCoist was sent away from the boardroom last night the decision on the table was whether or not to sack the Sevco manager, the discussion was rather side-tracked and things got rather heated and personal.

However the temperature was soon lowered when Philip Nash forensically laid out the entire state of affairs in full unexpurgated detail to the less well-informed members of the board.

I understand that one of them looked physically sick as the full financial situation and issues with the Stock Exchange apropos use of IPO funds was laid out on the board room table.

Everyone who was in that room last night now knows, possibly for the first time, the full extent of the shit storm heading their way.

It is enough to make anyone feel a little fragile.

All very unfortunate indeed.

However, the good news is that no terminal decision was taken on Mr McCoist and he remains in post to plan for the next match.

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