Regime change

Football without fans is nothing.

The BBC states that 43,683 attended Ibrox to watch The Rangers Football Club (formerly known as Sevco Scotland limited) play  Hearts.

In an enthralling contest the 140 year old Edinburgh club bested the newcomer to Scottish professional football.

It might be worth pointing out at this juncture that a crowd of that size  at Ibrox is good news for some unemotional offshore chaps.

I understand that at least one of the ‘onerous contracts’ kicks in if the attendance at Ibrox is over 40,000.

So the Blue Sea of Ibrox today made some cash for Blue Pitch Holdings and their chums.

The ‘support the team not the regime’ mantra is really akin to the waste product of a healthy horse lazily grazing in a Normandy field.

It is impossible to pay to watch Sevco without putting money, via various creatively constructed routes, into several bank accounts in the British Virgin Islands.

We’re not talking about a huge amount of money, small change for these guys really, but every little helps.

Of course, the extra match day revenue which isn’t syphoned offshore via these contracts will assist Graham Wallace and Philip Nash to balance the books.

If it was down to this duo then the cash paid by the fans today would stay in the club, but then they didn’t set up those legally bombproof structures.

Did they Charlie?

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