Scottish football needs a strong BBC

I am reliably informed that the BBC in Scotland has “grown a set” on matters Ibrox.

My sources tell me that the worm, at Pacific Quay, has finally turned.

The Jim Spence incident has prompted some people in the upper echelons of the Beeb in Scotland to declare that enough is, indeed, enough.

The journalist himself is incensed at the treatment he has received via social media from Sevco supporters following the broadcast on September 4th.

I do hope that the BBC follow follows through and tell Sevco’s highly paid PR people that journalists employed by the national broadcaster can state the truth on live radio without fear or favour.

Here is a late item of news:

Rangers died in 2012 after failing to get a CVA. Sevco Scotland Limited trading as ‘The Rangers Football Club’ is a new club.

I understand that the BBC Trust is also in their sights and the Beeb in Scotland are not happy at how the Sevco case was handled by them.

Ken MacQuarrie knows that the Sevco situation is something that needs to be dealt with.

It is a given that the print sector will sit up and beg for Ibrox lamb and that commercial broadcasters have to mind the bottom line at all times.

Subsequently, only the BBC has the strength to stand up to Sevco’s PR machine.

If my information is correct then there has been something of a policy change at Pacific Quay regarding the new club at Ibrox.

Interesting times…

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