Happy Administration day!

Is it really only a year ago?

Apparently it is.

Twelve months ago on this very day my old heart was all aflutter.

It came as no surprise, but when it did arrive it was very pleasing.

Regular readers here will know that from late in 2011 I predicted this was only going to end one way and that was Rangers being placed in administration.

The day AFTER administration I was already laying out the path to liquidation, while the succulent hacks were still staring into the headlights of the Insolvency Express.

They stammered that a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) would be agreed and everything would be well again in their clubby cosy little Old Firm world.

I demurred.

I wrote, many times, for the hard of thinking that a CVA had no chance and that Rangers were finished.

The club would be liquidated because the main creditor, Her Majesty’s Revenues & Customs, wanted it that way.

During the period in administration no one suggested that it was only the ‘holding company’ that was in danger from liquidation, but the whole club.

I also stated last summer that a tribute act would be formed from the body parts of the dead club, but that it wouldn’t be Rangers.

Of course, all of this was not meant to happen.

The klan, with their shaky sense of self-worth in a changing world, still cling to the fiction that they are ‘simply the best’.

Twelve months ago, The People were about to enter their annus horribilis.

I can’t deny that I did not enjoy the spectacle of the klan in anguish and it made it even sweeter that many of them appeared to be truly surprised at the excrement tsunami that had engulfed Ibrox.

Yet from January 2009 this site had informed readers that Rangers were finished. The club’s fans didn’t believe it – if they had, they would have acted to save their club.

Subsequently, there was no ‘Gers for change’ and they just looked on helplessly as the club died.

On this site they had been consistently warned what was about to happen their beloved Teddy Bears, but they just didn’t believe it.

For sure there is no love lost between the klan and I, but the inconvenient truth is what I was writing was just that.

What I presented to them was an appalling vista.

However, it was based on hard facts unearthed by old fashioned journalistic digging.

When the possibility of liquidation finally started to penetrate dignified craniums at Ibrox they demonstrated against this outcome claiming that this couldn’t be allowed to happen to their club as it would mean that the glorious history (ahem) would be lost.

At one match Rangers fans held up ‘No to liquidation’ signs at the 18th and 72nd minute of play.

The clear implication was that The People considered that the refusal of a CVA would mean the end of the club established in 1872.

Now The People pretend that liquidation was no big deal and it was just the holding company that went out of business.

As financial reality gate crashed the Ibrox party The People’s sense of Herrenvolk entitlement was threatened and the klan got ugly.

At one point last summer there was quite a list of the good folk on Planet Fitba who were getting police protection and security advice.

I could have covered this post in hyperlinks to my previous work on the subject, but for anyone interested enough the search function on this site will prove that my predictions of the demise of Scotland’s establishment club were pretty much on the money.

Of course, the same cannot be said for the chaps on the Glasgow sports desks and one year on the same succulent hacks are parroting PR drivel from the tribute act.

Just like Rangers under Craig Whyte Sevco have no European income, no credit line from a bank and they are already making a loss.

A year ago today many of the good guys on Planet Fitba, the Arabs, Celts, Dons, Hibbees and Saints punched the air in triumph.

The crazy years had finally caught up with Lehman Brothers FC and lots of us were loving it.

It is said relics of St Valentine are to be found on the south side of Glasgow in the church of Blessed John Duns in the Gorbals.

Throughout the world lovers young and old will today celebrate this day with kisses, roses, letters of love, wine, dinners and a billion heart shaped cards.

Just over three miles away the relics of the old club lie in a mausoleum known as Ibrox.

Of course the people now in charge of the stadium that John Brown played for know very well that on 14 February 2012 Rangers (1872-2012) was placed in administration.

There is unlikely to be flowers, letters or kisses to celebrate the day they were placed on life support.

Behind the red brick façade there is little love now and my information suggests that team spirit amongst the hierarchy has utterly gone and factions, schisms and feuding are now the order of the day.

The serious players at Sevco are now very willing to brief against each other on an off-the-record basis.

This is a dream scenario for any journalist, yet the succulent hacks in Glasgow seem to be aiming for a hat trick of own goals against their own collective credibility.

Murray and Whyte escaped any serious scrutiny from apparently love-struck journalists

Charlie seems to be enjoying a similar easy ride from the Fitba Fourth Estate. It seems like they’re just smitten all over again.

It would appear, to paraphrase Leonard Cohen, that ‘there aint no cure for brotherly love’.

One year on Rangers are gone and the tribute act might have trouble with a bill for £400,000.

The Glasgow hacks clearly still have stars in their eyes, but my shovel has not been decommissioned.

Happy Administration Day!

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