The ECA and Sevco

The European Club Association recently took a decision that has been widely reported on Planet Fitba.

It was reported widely by the intrepid members of the Fitba Fourth Estate that Sevco had been recognised as the one true Rangers by the ECA.

I could have taken the word of the succulent lamb boys, but for some reason I decided to check for myself.

I have one source who was at the meeting and another who works professionally for another attendee.

The ECA executive board meeting in Moscow was told that Rangers had “been demoted to the bottom tier of Scottish football for financial irregularities”.

Immediately we can see that the information provided was not accurate.

Then there was some discussion about the status of the new Rangers.

What happened was that Rangers (est.1872) was voted out of membership and the new Rangers were allowed in as an associate member of the ECA.

It was quite clear that two separate entities were part of the discussion.

One voted out and another voted in.

The board was told that the new club had “bought the traditions of Rangers” therefore would be referred to as Rangers by the ECA.

I do not know if there was a lengthy discussion on what exactly are the traditions of Rangers (est.1872).

It should be noted that the ECA is a private members club and not a regulatory body like FIFA.

At the same meeting that admitted new Rangers as an associate member Aberdeen was promoted to full membership.

Scotland has now two full members of the ECA, the Dons and Celtic.

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