Sevco and identity theft

The heinous crime of truth was committed by the editor of the match programme at Montrose last weekend.

By simply stating what was forensically true – that Rangers had gone out of business and the visiting team was a new club – the officially approved fiction was damaged.

Charles Green insists that the history and trophies were bought by Sevco.

You can no more buy history than you can purchase someone else’s life.

Goodwill can be part of the deal when the assets of a liquidated company are traded off.

However, it isn’t the same business, even if the same customers come into the shop to buy the same products.

By denying the reality of liquidation, the Ibrox customer base is also allowed to forget the financial and social carnage that was left behind when Rangers went out of business.

The klan seem oblivious to the human cost to others in the downfall of their club this year.

The hundreds and hundreds of creditors who were stiffed and left with nothing by Rangers (1872-2012) clearly don’t matter to The People.

Apparently, the only thing that matters to them is that the Big House is open and they can once more indulge in Fenian blood wading.

Of course, if any of them took a turn for the worse during a musical appreciation of Ku Klux Klan member Billy Fullerton when they were at Ibrox, the fine folk of the Scottish Ambulance Service would be there to transport them to an NHS hospital.

The entire operation – the driver, paramedic, vehicle, receiving hospital and the highly trained staff – is funded through the UK exchequer.

As the darling of Ibrox in the 1980s was fond of saying, “governments don’t have any money of their own”.

In this, if little else, Mrs Thatcher was correct.

The health service in the UK is funded by the taxpayer – that is, people and companies who pay taxes.

Some of the taxes Rangers should have paid would have gone to frivolous luxuries like hospitals.

Would this occur to the Sevco chap on the gurney?

Would it cross the mind of any of his fascist associates?

It would appear that the answer to that one is in the negative.

Do they have no shame whatsoever?

Apparently not.

This, dear reader, is amorality on an industrial scale.

These are underclass values.

The defining characteristics appear to be to take, take, take and contribute nothing but social problems.

If you don’t believe me, ask the good folk of Manchester.

At the end of 2012, the klan exhibit no shame, no contrition, no humility just the Herrenvolk swagger of The People.

I am not surprised at the overwhelmingly positive response to Angela Haggerty’s timely and well-argued piece on her own blog.

The moral hazard in the case of Rangers is clear to most right thinking folks, but not, it would appear, the administrators of the national game.

The compromised SFA president, Campbell Ogilvie, can be immediately discounted in this shameful fiasco.

Because of the size of the fan base and the cultural power of the institution, the people who run the game in Scotland were willing to let all of this debt be a mere trifle and parachute the new ersatz Rangers into the SPL.

This is what would have happened had it not been for the Scottish Spring, ignited by the No To NewCo campaign.

Plan B was the new club in SFL1, with the hope that they would be out of the SPL for only one season.

Thankfully, the guys on the 6th floor at Hampden didn’t factor in Turnbull Hutton and his comrades.

The man from Raith Rovers showed true leadership and spoke up for decency and fairness.

The hacks stood and stared at all of this, unable to accurately report or comment with any moral authority.

Consider this, if Stewart Regan and Neil Doncaster had their way, The Rangers (est. 2012) would now be playing in the SPL.

There can be no more damning indictment of their failures as sports regulators.

At the moment, the Scottish media effectively pretends that the CVA was accepted and that Rangers FC (est. 1872) successfully exited administration.

Had that happened, their current description of the Ibrox outfit would be correct because it would be Rangers.

The coverage of the Sevco share issue is beyond the abilities of even the most cynical satirists on Planet Fitba.

The “interview” with Charles Green on STV should be a case study on media courses for decades to come.

As in, this is what you don’t do!

Given the level of intimidation that has been directed towards Scottish journalists by the distraught vengeful klan, I am not surprised by this meek acceptance of the Sevco spin that this is still Rangers.

So in the mainstream, the fairy story goes unchallenged that Rangers did not go out of business.

Were Sevco to win the Scottish cup this season, would UEFA allow them entry to their completion as cup winners?


Surely, if this is the same club established by the gallant pioneers that won the European Cup Winners Cup in 1972, they should be.

Is this the same club that contested the UEFA Cup final in 2008?

UEFA doesn’t seem to think so.

Scottish football has normalised itself to placate the fascist fan base of a dead club who cannot deal with their grief.

However, Scotland is overwhelmingly a fair-minded country and most see through this.

The vast majority of Scottish clubs and their supporters saw what was being tried on in the summer as simply unjust.

Their moral compass was correctly orientated while the chaps on the 6th floor at Hampden found themselves stumbling around in an ethical desert.

If the rules had been applied rigorously, Spartans would have been admitted to the Scottish Football League, not Sevco.

Wherever the klan goes in Scotland, ordinary decent people who support their club know that they are Sevco.

Respect to the Montrose programme editor.

Let’s see more of this.

The Montrose chairman has apologised for the statement in the programme.

I can’t imagine why.

Yes, the truth can sometimes cause offense, but it is still the truth.

The defence of veritas could have been claimed quite convincingly.

It is time for Scottish football to say that fairness overrules fascism.

We know that we cannot rely on a cowed, craven press pack to point the moral compass in the correct direction.

They will queue obediently for the press release prepared by Sevco staff.

It’s what they do.

It is for the good people to consistently speak the truth to The People.

The club that now plays at Ibrox is not Rangers.

It is Sevco.

Rangers are dead and let’s not pretend otherwise just to please people who think it is ok to urinate on war memorials.

Lest we forget.

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