Is Jabba off to pastures green?

The man who gave us the succulent lamb phrase has been dropping none too subtle hints live on Radio Scotland that he is for the off.

The thought that this latter day Samuel Johnson will not grace the pages of the Daily Record is unlikely to cause wailing and gnashing of teeth amongst those of us with molars to gnash and the energy to wail.

But where will Jim Traynor, seen by many as an apologist for all things Rangers and David Murray in particular, ply his trade if he walks out of the offices on the Clydeside for the final time?

The Beeb? Highly unlikely that the residents of offices just across the river could afford the salary Mr Traynor currently commands at a time when there is a cull underway.

The Scottish Sun?  While they could afford his wages there are many within that outfit that would see Traynor as a negative force amongst their readership.

The Herald?  That is his old stomping ground, where he first proved he could string a word or two together. Well they can’t afford anything as expensive as succulent lamb. I’m afraid it is only cheap mutton that is on the menu there.

The Scotsman? Well Tom English would probably jump up and down, throw the toys out of his pram and threaten to walk out. Appealing though that might be, don’t start celebrating quite yet.

The sad truth is that The Scotsman, like the Herald, is broke.

So where will Mr Traynor earn a shilling or two to buy his succulent lamb?

I believe he may be considering heading to the wild blue yonder.

Traynor had an ugly spat with Mark Hollinshead, the chief operating officer at a black dinner bash in Glasgow quite a time ago and many observers believed Mr Traynor’s time at the Record was limited.

Out of interest, that nickname given to Mr Traynor of Jabba the Hutt, from the Star Wars film is really quite hurtful.

Jabba in the film series is a 600 year old gangster with an insatiable appetite, and has close affinities with the mobster underclass. He is depicted as a grossly overweight alien, described by one film critic as a cross between a toad and a Cheshire Cat.

Why Mr Traynor got this label is beyond me, he is much younger for starters.

So could the lad from Airdrie be off to a corporate role in pastures green?

As they say in newspaper circles. Hold the front page!

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