FSA not too pleased with Mr Green

I am hearing from city sources that Charlie has not had a good week.

The Daily Record story that Sandy Easdale, who had been jailed in the late nineties for his role in a VAT scam, was rather embarrassing, but no more than that.

Unlike Rangers (1872-2012) Mr Easdale has paid his debt to society.

However, an interesting little piece of collateral damage to Charlie’s Grand Plan was that those forensic chaps at the Financial Services Authority were rather dischuffed about the whole show.

Apparently one must not do this type of road show without first having an approved prospectus.

That vital document should have been published some weeks ago.

It is probably just an administrative backlog that has prevented all those eager investors and pension fund managers from feasting their eyes on page and pages of rock solid financial details.

One wonders if Jim Park, the twice bankrupt consultant who has been a director of a series of failed firms, had been the man to open the doors of Ibrox to Mr Easdale. As you may remember, I revealed in August that the colourful Mr Park had the ear of Charlie and was guiding him on a consultancy basis about investors.

Will Mr Park feature in the glossy prospectus when it is made available?

One thinks not.

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