Judgment day

Well this is it.

Unlike a Duff & Phelps deadline today really is a line in the sand.

The people who gather at Hampden this morning have a fundamental decision to make about Scotland’s national game.

Today Scottish football can emerge from a long Ibrox imposed nightmare and start again or it can die.

Those are the choices.

It is a simple enough decision.

They people who will congregate around the big table on the sixth floor have to vote for either marketing or morality.

That will tell the world if they represent clubs or just brands.

Are the people who buy the tickets supporters or are they just customers?

This is a day when the good guys like Turnbull Hutton MUST win.

If they lose then the marketing monkeys will forge ahead with their vision of soccertainment.

The game in Scotland can die today.

That will leave a gap in my life.

Thankfully I have the GAA to fill that void.

I hope you too have alternatives because after today you might not have Scottish football in any meaningful sense.

Today really is the day.



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