Just apply the rules Mr Regan

It is now clear for anyone who wishes to see that those in leadership positions in Scottish football find the rules a bit of an obstacle to their plans.

I have noticed in the debate on the way that the SFA is currently acting, no one has yet mentioned that NewCo in division 1 is a breach of FIFA Statues – Article 9 of the regulations governing application of the FIFA Statutes. Quite clearly, league participation must be based on sporting merit. The SFA and SPL must abide by these Statutes in terms of their own Articles and rules. NewCo has no sporting merit to be in division 1 and so I believe the SFA are acting in clear breach of FIFA Statutes.

If Mr Regan doubts me he can check page 62.


Please read Section 9.1 on sporting merit and then think about what Mr Regan proposes for Sevco to SFL Div1.

9.3 on the changing of names and company structures should also concentrate those fine minds at Hampden.

9.4 should inform Mr Regan where the buck stops.

Finally he may wish to consult the SFA’s articles of association


I think he may find 3.B on page 24 has something within it that should focus him.

From my reading of these rules, both international and domestic, the sweetheart deal that he apparently wants to wangle for NewCo simply isn’t on.

Just apply the rules Mr Regan because that is what you are paid for.

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